Family Holidays

We offer the best holiday packages to Ladakh. Be it any part of the region or any season of the year, our packages gives the traveller the best options of embarking on an enjoyable family vacation to this part of the Himalayas. You are welcome to explore the details of these holiday packages at our website.

Group Departures

A professionally curated itinerary by our experts, with pre-determined dates, services, and a fixed price. Group departures are great if you like travelling in a mixed group and meeting new people. Our tour leaders takes care of everything for the guests, lending that much – needed personalised touch.

Inbound Tours

We are dedicated to ensuring that the travellers are provided with the experiences, unique to the region. With in-depth product knowledge and range of services offered, highly trained and motivated teams, an exclusive panel of knowledgeable guides, have enhanced and elevated our service standards over the last two and a half decades.

We are the first DMC in Ladakh to introduce unique products like Campervan Stays, Glamping, Adventure activities like ATV, Zipline etc, Bringing together the finest in the industry, our Teams craft creative and adaptive products based on a deep understanding of the needs not just of the market but also our clients.

Photography Tours

We offer the traveller a variety of Ladakh Photography Tours Packages that takes one to the most picturesque & famous tourist attractions in Ladakh. Our expert team have designed the photo tours to Ladakh keeping in mind the special requirements of avid photographers looking to enjoy themselves while capturing the captivating beauty of this region in their lenses.

The travellers have the options of photography tours like nature, wildlife & bird photography, culture & heritage etc.

Cultural Tours

Ladakh boasts of being rich in culture which is majorly influenced by Buddhism and Tibetan tradition. The region offers innumerable ancient monasteries, museums, palaces, festivals, lipsmacking cuisine, beautiful distinct clothes, language, and friendly locals to its tourists. Visit Monasteries, Palaces and Old forts, Opt for Homestays with local families.

Visit a nomad camp, attend teachings by a Lama, visit a Tibetan Refugee Centre or attend festivals in Ladakh. There are endless possibilities for a great cultural tour in Ladakh and we have exceptionally planned packages so that the traveller can come across the best of the culture of the region.

Religious Tours & Pilgrimage Tours

Ladakh can be considered as the holiest places in India because of the holy shrines and beautiful monasteries situated in the region. From the Mahakal Temple at Spituk, Gurudwara Patthar Sahib near Leh to magnificent Jamia mosque to Moravian Church and the famous Hemis Monastery, there is something for every religion here.

A lot of devotees from all over the world visit Ladakh and admires the architectural features of the monasteries and other holy places. The visitors come to seek tranquillity and peace and to get the holy experience through our carefully curated pilgrimage tour itineraries.

Food Trails

For centuries Ladakh is also known for its rich and yummy Tibetan & Indian food culture, we are fortunate today that this rich food culture is preserved in the form of small food joints by some thoughtful people for generations. We have designed some amazing experience for the traveller with an intention to take them to these places for food tasting.

With these tours, the travellers enjoy the authentic food of Ladakh with live cooking demonstration to learn about the traditional food and culture.

Hotel Bookings/Offbeat Accommodation/Homestays

Being one of the oldest DMC in Ladakh we have come up with few of our own hotels and resorts in Ladakh like Hotel Thongsal and Wisdom Retreat in Leh and Desert Himalaya Resort in Nubra Valley and Pangong lake. Apart from our own properties, we offers great prices for more than 500 properties in Ladakh ranging from the ultra-luxury hotels to economical beautiful homestays.